Whitefriars Curriculum

Business Studies

The pupils will learn about the fundamental aspects of setting up, managing and growing a business. They will learn about the role that business and enterprise plays in society. They will do so using a range of methods including investigations into the implications business activity has on our everyday lives. They will learn to judge the degree to which businesses are successful in meeting their aims and objectives and the reasons why some businesses fail.

The pupils will describe the importance of marketing plays in the success or failure of businesses. They will learn to evaluate the effectiveness of primary and secondary market research and ultimately how a business can formulate a marketing strategy that is most effective for their own business. The pupils will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies by considering the aims and objectives of the business in the context of dynamic economies. Interpretations will be developed by comparing and contrasting small and large business operations in a national and global context in the digital age. The pupils will then use their knowledge to justify why certain businesses perform their business operations in a certain way.

The pupils will identify the reasons why successful businesses thrive and judge the factors that lead to success at different levels including brand recognition. They will base these judgements on carefully selected and precise evidence demonstrating a clear understanding of how achieve success. The pupils will present their findings in well thought out and structured pieces of writing in which they reach substantiated judgements and argue their case, including why businesses should not follow a certain course of action.

The pupils will develop interest, enthusiasm and curiosity for business. They will be encouraged to find out more about products and services that they use in their everyday lives. Pupils will learn to appreciate the role that business plays in terms of the economy, how businesses create jobs and how business activity can lead economic growth. They will become reflective thinkers who through their new-found knowledge can be critical of how businesses are run in the modern age. The curriculum ensures that pupils will know and remember the key information studied.