Whitefriars Curriculum


The pupils will learn a variety of technical performance skills and improve confidence and collaborative working. They will learn about important historical moments in the development of theatre and how these have helped shape our modern culture, film and theatre.

The pupils will constantly create their own scenes and pieces in response to a given stimulus. They will use improvisation and drama techniques to perform these pieces of drama. Pupils will also develop skills for the recording of their ideas for performance as well as underpinning skills such as analysis and evaluation.

Pupils will watch live theatre and develop their analysis and evaluation skills of how performers, directors and designers can communicate meaning to an audience.

The pupils will learn extracts from a text as part of their script work. They will also display understanding of character in text and apply theatrical skills to realise artistic intentions in live performance.

Through various performances, the pupils will develop a deeper understanding of styles and genres, including Shakespeare and Brecht. They will develop performance skills such as voice: use of clarity, pace, inflection, pitch and projection and physicality: use of space, gesture, facial expression, stillness, and stance.

The curriculum will ensure that pupils develop their creativity and reflective thinking and think about a range of factors including social, cultural and emotional settings that develop maturity and awareness of others.