Whitefriars Curriculum


We will inspire in our pupils a sense of awe and wonder at our beautiful world and enable our pupils to explore and appreciate at first hand a range of distinctive environments, both natural and human through learning outside of the classroom.

Pupils will develop locational knowledge about places. They will learn about both physical and human processes and understand how these interact to explain how landscapes are formed and change over time. Pupils will learn how human activity in one part of the world can have impacts on environments and people in other places. Pupils will deepen their appreciation of the diversity of peoples, and compassion for people living in more challenging circumstances. Pupils will be shown how all peoples and their futures are interconnected and that all human activity relies upon the effective functioning of natural systems.

Through their study of geography, pupils will become confident at using a range of geographical skills. Pupils will be able to locate places. Pupils will be able to use and interpret a range of geographical sources such as satellite images, maps, and graphs. Pupils will be able to describe distributions shown on maps and trends revealed by graphs. Pupils will learn how to explain processes using chains of reasoning. Pupils will develop the ability to appraise geographical evidence and communicate their conclusions in writing. Pupils will learn how to ask relevant geographical questions and use an enquiry approach to undertake investigations. Pupils will be able to collect, present and analyse data collected through fieldwork and use this evidence to arrive at conclusions. Pupils will be able to critique and evaluate their own investigations and fieldwork, as well as that of others, considering levels of bias, accuracy, and validity. Pupils will be able to evaluate solutions to geographical problems and write at length about their own opinions. Pupils will build the knowledge, understanding and skills to become active citizens of the future.