Whitefriars Curriculum

Latin & Classical Civilisations

The fundamental aims of the Latin and Classical Civilisation department are to equip pupils with a thorough understanding of ancient history and Latin vocabulary and grammar. This includes a logical, methodical and analytical approach to translation, and an understanding of the beliefs of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, and how those beliefs influenced their culture, literature and lives. Pupils will study material from both ancient Greece and Rome, and their surrounding worlds, drawn from the time period 3000BC to 500AD. This includes mythology and religion and specifically looking at the impact of Gods.

The pupils will describe historical interpretations about the past through visual and literary materials. The pupils will study a variety of sources to help analyse the classical world and compare it to our modern society. Pupils will learn to evaluate the accuracy of these interpretations by considering the purpose of the authors and visual materials together with the contrasting interpretations that could be formed.

The pupils will develop interest, enthusiasm and curiosity for classical studies. They will acquire an understanding of different identities within society, an appreciation of diversity and the way society has developed over time. They will become critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds. The pupils will learn to ask relevant questions about the past and research the answers. The curriculum ensures that pupils will know and remember the key information studied.