Whitefriars Curriculum

Physical Education

It is our aim to offer all pupils a broad and balanced curriculum, which has sufficient depth and breadth to enable our pupils to develop their full physical and mental confidence.

We aim to contribute to the overall education of young people by helping them to lead full and active lives through engaging in purposeful physical activity and sport. As well as developing core skills and tactical awareness through various sporting activities, we are also concerned with the development of other educational qualities such as leadership, social and communicative skills, character, aesthetic appreciation, problem solving skills, along with the development of knowledge and understanding of relevant concepts. We therefore see the variety of physical activity areas as a medium to develop and educate the ‘whole child’.

The sympathetic selection of learning experiences appropriate to pupils’ experiences, ability and maturity aims to support all pupils in the development of physical competence and promote those skills necessary to effectively plan and evaluate movement and movement-related activities safely and with confidence.

A cross-curricular approach is taken to the teaching of how to live healthy balanced lifestyles and the PE curriculum takes a leading role in this. The promotion of positive character traits is a core focus of the physical education teacher.

The pupils will have the opportunity to experiment, investigate, observe and to discover for themselves, various principles of training and exercise. This understanding will arm them for when they have to make health related decisions on the future.

The pupils will develop a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in direct competition through team and individual games. They will develop their technique and performance in a range of competitive sports and learn to perform dances using advanced dance techniques within a range of dance styles. They will take part in outdoor and adventurous activities which present intellectual and physical challenges and be encouraged to work in a team so as to dramatically build trust. They will also learn the skills necessary to analyse their previous performance to demonstrate improvement.