Whitefriars Curriculum


The pupils will learn how scientific theories are continually modified to take account of new evidence and ideas. Pupils will grow to ask their own questions and develop a line of inquiry based on their own observations of the real world, which they will combine with their prior knowledge and experience. The pupils will learn to make their own predictions and carry out experiments to test these by identifying variables and selecting apparatus. They will learn to take measurements using the appropriate units and learn to use this data to formulate conclusions, whilst identifying the potential sources of error. They will learn to make use of a variety of scientific calculations.

The pupils will develop interest, enthusiasm and curiosity for Science. They will acquire an understanding of different scientific concepts and skills. They will become critical, logical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds. The pupils will learn to ask relevant questions and be able to formulate well thought out answers based on scientific theory. The curriculum ensures that pupils will know and remember the key information studied.